Jesus always makes our cup overflow !!!!!

About midnight, Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns of praises to God. What happened next?

The very ‘foundation’ of the prison was shaken. 

Doors were opened.

Everyone’s shackles were unfastened.

It’s so nice to see this happen in a repetitive manner in the Bible. When Jesus does something , it’s not limited to a few people . He always does it for everyone.

Let’s look at the marriage at Cana. He filled all those huge jars with wine. The wedding feast was almost over, or it could have been in the middle of the feast that the wine got over. Jesus could have filled two or three jars that would have been sufficient. Yet, no !! He blessed in abundance.

Likewise, Jesus could have opened the shackles of Paul and  Silas alone. Yet, since the other prisoners were listening to them, He performed the miracle for them also. Let’s pray that the Lord would make our cup overflow that we could be a blessing to many.

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