It’s true – am little health conscious !!

Nothing wrong in that I believe. My body is the temple of God and yes, He helps me to keep it healthy..!! Recently when I was in Trinelveli, one sister  actually laughed at me and said, ‘You speak as if you are 60 years of age.’ This was when I requested for bhajji or vada with less oil. 😉

So, yes I strongly believe what Paul also mentions in his letter -‘ to buffet this body’. By this I don’t mean that it could lead to godliness as some do. No never !! Yet, disciplining the body does help us and benefit us a lot…!! Here I would like to share a small secret. Come on, I don’t have a perfect physique. I am like a tyre,  fill it and it expands, remove the air and it contracts. 😉


Yes my secret, I don’t remember when I actually started this… yet before every meal, (not in public), I would say this small prayer..pliz don’t laugh 😉

Lord, thank You for this food. Even as You have given me this good food, let all my relatives, Uncle’s relatives & Aunty’s relatives have such a food. And….let me not be fat nor thin Lord. Let me be medium !!! Amen.

That’s my prayer….before every meal !! I am serious…!!

So, Uncle recently  bought an exercise bike. He feels that he needs some exercise. The funniest part is…everyone at home knows …who would continue to use it !! 😉

So…it’s all His grace..I can testify..because I was such an addict to Coffee, sweets etc…Today I can boldly say..there is nothing (FOOD ITEM) that could tempt me. I take only those items that’s good for my health..!! GOD has given me this grace..!!!  PRAISE GOD….!!

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