It’s not my life, it’s His grace

A life that glorifies itself isn’t a life pleasing to God.
I have heard of how families were saved because of a person’s life yet if the torch glorifies itself, the very purpose it’s creation or existence is questionable. A God fearing man is like  a torch that directs every praise received to Christ. He isn’t interested to speak about himself yet Christ alone. If I am bigger than God in my testimonies I am a proud person. God will never give grace to such a person.
How cautious I need to be with respect to my thoughts and words. Even If God uses me to save an entire nation like the Ninevah yet without His grace  I am actually a good for nothing  man fit to be eaten away by a whale.

Lord help me realize that I am nothing. I might speak about being nothing yet help me truly live a life glorifying you in every good deed that i do. It’s only Your grace that I was able to get married to a God fearing man – I in myself would have never been able to find out Your will. It was You who lead me. It’s only Your grace that we are part of a family that preaches the New Covenant life. It’s only Your grace and providence that we are today enjoying the privilege of parenthood. I was able to send a small piece of cake to my neighbour only because you gave me good health and the time to be able to do it. I am able to do the household chores without any helper just because of Your grace in the form of physical and mental strength. All our earthly needs are met not because we live a righteous not at’s because of Your grace and Your promises. Father may I never steal Your glory or ever dare to give Your glory to anyone or anything.

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