It is Thy love oh Father that gives me ‘HOPE’

I have thought about this many times …. Many times in a day, many times in an hour and yes, many many times with each passing moment.

If not for Thy love oh Father that gives me ‘HOPE’ I would have given up on this life long long ago. I would have sat down as one having her head between her knees lifelong. Yes, it’s true we all have problems – Rich, poor; child , grownups; girls, boys; and Yes believers and unbelievers as well.

In my days of ignorance I would seek the world to replace the void inside of me…!! These momentary happiness would be a fake one, that would last only for a while. It would make me so insecure, it would never give me hope for my future and it finally made me a very selfish girl.

Yet today God shows me…. Nothing can ever satisfy that void within…!!! We might jump, dance, take pout selfies, and show the world – “see how happy I am..” yet at the end of the day when you get back to your are all alone again…!! There is this void within that nothing of this world can ever replace…!!!

Running to the world for this momentary happiness… No…..I would never desire such a life for myself nor for any of my dear ones. This is a deceit… a mirage…!!! In Christ ‘ alone ‘ my hope is found and I can guarantee….your hope too can be found !!

Oh Father, open our eyes that we may see. There’s a Life greater than what we are now living. There’s a Love superior to what the world can give. There’s a Joy that will never fade and there’s Someone who is always there to receive you when you run to Him. Come let’s run to that Source of Life, Love and Joy..:)

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