In moments of laughter and gay

In moments of laughter and gay,

You have the whole world to rejoice,

Friends to giggle and laugh,

Greet and congratulate!!

And you end up stretching your hands

Towards the ‘flip cover’ rather than the ‘LEATHER COVER’!

You are busy thanking people

Thanks, bye, good nite,  take care you say.


Yet when disaster strikes your land,

And storm waves in,

Why does your feet now crawl towards the LEATHER COVER?

And knees bow down in those vacant places.

Does it take a storm to remind you of your Creator?

Or a ‘Trial’ to seek your loving  Saviour ?


When I just realized my folly,

Seriously – I wished I could dump my flip cover in the garbage trolley,

And shut down all my so called buddies,

And repent of my betrayal,

Betrayal to the ‘ONE’,

Who paid a very high price for my Union,

With ‘the Father’ for now and through all Eternity.


Today we might not see Him,

We might not fully understand His being,

Tomorrow  – on the other shore, when we are there,

What are we going to say?

Hope it’s not regret that we carry along with us that day,

Regret for all eternity …!!


Now is the ‘Time’, today is the ‘Day’,

Jesus is real, real as the one sitting next to you I say.


Give Him the First Fruits of you time;

First Fruits of your love;

First Fruits of your loyalty;

And First Fruits of your service;


This is not just to you I say,

A message that I need to remind myself every day,

Yes every passing day..!

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