IDOL No. 1

I am battling many things in my life as I am pursuing my journey towards the celestial city as mentioned in the book “Pilgrim’s Progress” and seeking God’s grace to deliver me from these giants victoriously. While on this journey I came across an article about the idols that a woman have. And while brushing through the article I realized Oh yes… these are exactly the idols I have been battling… Lord help me fight them like David fought against Goliath and give me victory – for You are my strength.

Idol no. 1 Husband: While the world would call the husbands to be another form of god, to us – ‘he can become our idol’. We might not worship him yet we might try to draw our joy from him. I remember very distinctly when once our church elder had spoken so loud that ‘just because you have a perfect marriage do not think God is pleased with you”. That’s so true. I have realized while I need to submit to the headship of my husband according to the Word of is also written that I am his helper. I must tell him what I feel about any decision he takes for the family if my spirit isn’t one with him regarding the matter and leave it to him to decide. If he goes according to the will of God, we please God by our act of obedience yet when he chooses a path contrary to God’s will, God can change the entire circumstance to direct our pathway and make a big whale swallow us up like Jonah in his disobedience to preach to the people of Nineveh. It’s like a Father who is willing to strike his child a hard slap on his cheek to prevent him from touching a life threatening live electric wire.

Our marriage is a Godly marriage yet it isn’t perfect. Many times I have failed and a few times my husband too. Sometimes I am cold in love and sometimes he is. I believe it’s by consistently seeking God’s grace in our marriage that our marriage can be preserved and glorify God’s name on earth. It’s disheartening when a husband and wife have only earth reaching goals – a good house, expensive car, good education for their children, some savings in their bank account etc. Yet it’s even more pathetic when ‘I – a child of God’ fall for the same. Each time I review our wedding video or website I am filled with tears to see how God had worked in our lives to unite us together. And when I get upset or loose my peace for petty things I actually dishonour God who had so beautifully united us in marriage. Godliness with contentment is a great gain. And I need to seek and find this contentment in every area of my marriage. Whether I feel loved or not, I need to press on this race.

As long as I have my husband as the idol in my life – I look at him as the source of my joy, the supplier of my needs and the fulfiller of my desires. Why am I so confidently mentioning this, because I have fallen for it a number of times, yet the good news is I have also repented and sought the grace from God for a fresh start. There is a hilarious saying that ‘ The man may be the head of the house. But the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head whichever way she pleases’. If there is a truth in this saying and which is to an extent, I need to hide my face in the dust each time I try distracting him from his God ordained commission. Jezebel is considered to be an evil character in the Bible and each time I try to fill my husband’s mind with wicked gossip ( whether there is truth in it or not), I become a Jezebel to him and if I am seeking to build a Godly home, I need to run away from such a temptation. 

“Speak evil of no man” is one of the most convicting verse of the Bible to me. I need to be really cautious about every thought that runs into my mind that later becomes a  form of communication to my husband. If I am hurt,offended which I shouldn’t be – may I take it to the Lord in prayer. He will not only deliver me from these sins, He will also help me to conquer them. “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me”  may this commandment be true in my life. 

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