I want a Behna like her

So we had a celebration week, with our wedding anniversary and my birthday. Birthdays and Christmas was always a time of celebration when we were young. New clothes and a packet of toffees is what reminds me of every birthday I celebrated at home. So this celebration week we had Ruth with us. Every earlier visit of hers was when I was either pregnant or had just delivered a baby and so I would be tired, sleepy and boring! This time we had lot of energy around, which made her a child again..! Just loved to see her play with the children. Children also enjoyed their time with Ruth Aunty. What a break to have the children being taken care of, what a break to just sip a cup of tea all by myself..!

So by the end of the day, I made a request to Ruth – if she could care for the children while we could go for a date. With joy she agreed. And at 1:40 am, off we went on a bike ride to the nearest coffee shop and enjoyed a long pending date night. When I shared this with a friend of mine.. Her immediate comment was – “I want a behna like her” Truly what more can a mother ask for – a break, a change 🙂 It’s not about the work that tires a mother, it’s the lack of time to do what she loves to – puts her down. It’s nice to just give ourselves some time, squeeze in some time here and there, take help from our loved ones – to do what we wish to do in all odd circumstances. Hurray!!! 

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