I fly because of my wings

I once got the chance of parasailing, and it was a really amazing experience to be high in the sky and glide along the wind. At the same time I have been to beautiful water bodies and have been thrilled by beauty of the sea and the life underneath. It’s breath taking!! 

We were at the badminton court the other day and while I was sharing my desires  to jump and play like a teenager a Sister shared how she had stopped jumping and  playing once she attained puberty as she now wanted to sit and read books alone. I was wondering how beautifully the Lord has created the sky and the deep sea. We are all so different. Look at me.. I still want to jump and play and thanks to my dear husband who managed to care for the little ones so that I could freely play the dog and the bone in our recent church outing. The other day playing badminton felt like I have begun to have wings again. It was so refreshing to be able to do what one desires!!

Yes, motherhood takes a toll on our time and we might not be able to freely do what we wish to yet we can definitely squeeze in some of our interests into the to do list. It might not be singing and painting for all. A wife and mother need not always be sober in her interests. Some of us might be wild in our thoughts. We might love hiking, or running for a marathon or dancing..! We are all so different like the flowers in a garden. Oh of course, in the garden attended by Him and yes definitely we need not feel ashamed about it.

I remember the last time I went for a jog all by myself  in the morning running past people and shops and curious  onlookers and yes the barking dogs! It was a little odd at first yet I loved it. I was me and this me was free. I should mention here the freedom my spouse has been giving me to be the me I am. I put on one of his sweat shirt and one of my track pant and walk out of the door tying up the laces of my shoes, asking him to lock the door behind me while the children are fast asleep either in the morning or at evenings..! Ewww… How can she leave three of her children to be taken care of by her husband!!!!! I don’t know if many would agree with me yet if that could add a little more feathers to my wings, brings out colour to my day, make me a more healthier person – emotionally and physically – I need that time rather than stay with the children 24/7!!

How important it is for each one of us to realize and respect the difference in the other person. I know how crazy a few people are with sea food yet to me.. I can never go beyond fish….!! Prawns and crabs are like a big no no for me yet should I prevent others from having it.. Naaa… Never! One of my son loves junk food yet the other likes fruits a lot… I am so glad that they are so different. And that stands for us women as well. A few of my close friends will never change their profile pics even in a year yet some of us can do it once or twice in a week. Isn’t that beautiful!!!
Some of us learn from trial and error and a few learn from the practices laid down by their parents or grandparents!! I am certainly the first kind of a person.. Never willing to settle for one particular way of doing because I wish veriety in my life yet those who don’t are not sinning, far from it because they might not like a change in their lives – which is perfectly OK! 

Some of us consider looks to be more important yet for some comfort is all they need. I never like to burden my sweet 1.5 year old girl with lacy girly clothes however cute or expensive they might be. I would rather have her wear a cotton t shirt and a pant from her brothers collection and keep her comfortable. That’s how we wish to treat our girl and I believe – that’s freedom!!!

Jesus never curtailed anyone’s freedom. There is no one way of doing things. God has created us all different and it’s high time we begin to respect that in others – while one might want to dive in into the sea and swim amongst the lovely fishes, there are a few who could fly high like the eagles in the sky..!! Let’s respect the difference in us all!!!

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