I entered into the banquet hall

This poem was written when grief had overcome me when I was rejected to be part of a fellowship that I dearly wished to be in.


I entered into the banquet hall,

On tables were foods and drinks displayed,

With satin curtains flowing each side,

I wondered at the pleasant sight.


I moved towards one of the tables,

But received a rebuke, strong and hard,

My heart ached and I was troubled,

“Send her away..send her away”..said many.


“Send her away..send her away…she doesn’t belong,

This isn’t her family..send her away”..said many.


I looked at those eyes,

They understood not my plight,

I kept silent and took a step behind

Distant was my Lord…why?…I wondered !


Why was I called a stranger,

Why wasn’t I allowed to belong,

All that I desired was to get in,

Become a part of that family as a sibling.


After all, wasn’t the sweet fragrance of food,

That had attracted me thus far,

I questioned those standing,

“Why were all those displayed openly?,

When it wasn’t meant to be given to me.


Why can’t I become a part of your family,

Why not welcome this stranger lovingly,

I stood sobbing, sobbing right there,

I was determined not to return elsewhere.


Why wasn’t my sincere thirst considered?

Why wasn’t my hunger satisfied?

Why not take me in as i am,

Why was i forsaken, I wondered !


Then a voice as sweet as the rustling wind,

Whispered something into my ears,

I was thrilled and faith sprang up,

I announced something loudly and all eyes began staring me.


I said, “even the little pups eat,

the crumb that falls from the Master’s table”.

Despise not Naaman, despise not Naaman, i said,

He proved much more faithful than Gehazi.


Still hearts doubted,

Some said, “How can she be trusted?”

It broke me .. and I fell prostrate,

Surrendered it all … I understood it..yet was desperate !!


Silence !!!


Then appeared my Lord,

Held my hands and politely He spoke,

“O woman, great is your faith,

Be it done as you wish.”


I jumped for joy,

Did He really consider taking me in,

I marveled at His selfless love,

That was beyond all limitations.


I smiled at Him and He at me

He held my hands and

That’s how I was added in..!!!


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