I am indispensable!!

Only what I do is right!! Only I know how to run a system. Only I am right!!

Have you eaten yellow upma with jeera ? Not very common right!! Yet when you are down with fever, that’s a life saving food. Even Oliver loves it. It’s not the conventional way of cooking, yet my loving husband prepares that quite often and its really good ! So do I say that he doesn’t know how to cook or just the normal pale upma made by me is the right way of cooking ? No, never!

If I think, what I do or what I don’t do is the only right thing under the sun, I am calling out the statement right aloud that I am indispensible!! What’s the root sin behind this? Pride !!!

To be honest – I have fallen for this sin quite a number of times. Yet, I seek God’s grace to help me with it.

The same goes when I expect someone to do what I believe is the right thing to do…!! This happens many times in the kitchen. My engineering husband tells me to do things the way he thinks is the best and many I adopt yet at the same time – quite a many I reject. Not that he isn’t telling me the right thing to do. Many a times what he tells is the best way of doing yet it might not be the appropriate thing to do under the given circumstances or I might just want to do it my way!! So, how do we give an advice to a person? I believe the best way is to tell what you think is the best yet give the person the freedom to choose and at home if you want a thing to be done in a particular way – ‘tell it that you want it to be done only in this way’ rather than telling ‘ this is the only way it should happen or this is the only right manner of doing that thing’. Hope I was able to convey what I wished to.

How can I boast about how I am raising up Oliver or how I deal with my marital relationship or what are my duties in the local fellowship as a ‘rule’ for others to follow..!! Not even to my unconverted relatives….if I am tempted to do!!

Hope this truth is deeply enrooted into my heart!! This will allow people whom I come in contact with especially my husband and children to be able to breathe freely an ‘air of freedom’ when they are with me. Also, for tomorrow God willing I live to see our children getting married J , I would not insist any of their spouses to run the house as I have been doing !!  An advice sought is respected yet an advice being insisted to be carried out is mostly ridiculed and definitely not welcomed !!

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