HELP ….Reuban Help – Your younger siblings need you

An eager elder sister asked her Mom a question regarding her little sister, “Mummy,  if I take a spoon and scoop off her eyes what will happen ?” A very curious question that must have left a doubt among listeners, probably these two would have never jelled along in future. Yet, things turned out to be extremely different.

Days passed by and these two little kids entered their schooling life, they were two strong chords. Hardly could anyone cause a misunderstanding between the two. The elder cared for the younger as her own child 😉 and the younger bossed over the elder like a grandmother. They shared everything, especially the elder was the speaker and the younger one the listener.

Today, things have changed, vice – versa.

Holding hands together they learnt how to take life together. They shared secrets and never once leaked it out. Faithful to the core. Truly..!!

Yes, the elder one is called Jesse and younger – my little Ruth who is no longer little physically, she has grown taller than me !! Today, I see her as an independent responsible girl and I am so proud of her. Nothing has changed. She treats me like a grandchild and I have definitely given her the allowance. Why ? Coz she is Ruth..!! She loves to loot me ( Just kidding ) She says “no shopping .. it’s boring..We will just window shop and all you have to do is – Just pay for my online shopping..that would do…!!”  True..TIME has changed 😉

YET YET YET… when she is deep asleep, I see the face of such an innocent girl, trying to cope up with the wicked world. Fighting the day to day battles, learning many things so early in life !!!

You … yes, am speaking to you out there..!! You have a younger sibling? Listen to my plea…They NEED you !!!

You know the struggles you yourself had faced at that age, the tough questions of life you have the answer to it today.

WHY DON”T YOU LEAK OUT THE QUESTION PAPER. No…it is not wrong in this context!!!!

Prepare them a freind ..not a JUDGE !!

Do not forget this thing, it was for a reason you weren’t the younger one and God has placed someone under you. Be Reuban to Joseph ( Genesis 37:20, 21, 22 ) help them out from people who are trying to

harm them…HELP ….Reuban Help !!

Don’t get carried away by their feeble smile, there might be a tear behind it.

The world is not the same Brother-sister !! It’s got worsened and will go on still.. How could you leave them out there all alone ? How? Even today, before leaving for her office, Ruth asks me ..”How do I look? Is this T Shirt matching” Whom is she asking ? MEhhh… 🙂 “Naa, remove the blazer, have the black shirt looks better, don’t wear that old scarf and yes, the brown bag is better than the black”, says Jesse. Are you there ?? Listening ?? – They value your advice and council much more than you can  ever imagine!!

Now, what do you say? What kind of seed are you sowing ?

– Latest technology, latest brand of automobile or gossip ?

What is it?

“Sow SEEDS of life…oh..if you cannot atleast be LIFE to them.

So, that they might follow you !! Even as you follow Christ !!”

So, that they might follow you !! Even as you follow Christ !!

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