Heart Aches

When you type heart aches in Google search engine ….the solution you receive  is totally in the medical terms… it’s mostly to do with the physical.

Yet we must agree that the heart aches we face could be due to a several reasons. Someone might have hurt you, or someone you love must have been hurt, or something your desires remained unfulfilled or sometimes simply because you feel lonely !!!

So, how could i trust the Lord in such a time when I cannot see Him physically. A great servant of the Lord puts it this way… “no one has authority over your life unless God the creator has given you permission”. So, if such a thing was allowed by God .. then there could be a few reasons to that.

Something good in store for you –  I cannot hold back my memories to the time when I was doing my nineth standard. There had been an invitation for the senior secondary students to have a trekking trip to Darjeeling by paying a sum of I think Rs 300. Oh that wasn’t a huge amount to pay. And so I was all excitedly and returned home. At home however, the situation was totally different. My parents wanted to send only my elder sister for this trip. She deserved it, she was the gem of our house. I am not writing this for the sake of just writing it. It is true!! Unlike me, she never used to demand anything, she never used to fight, was always giving upto this day. And so my parents could afford to send only one of us and that would be her. At that time I never understood it. I was soo very upset by their decision and I cried bitterly. Finally as is her nature – she said, “let jesse go…!” Oh and I was soo happy. Yet my parents din’t share the same feelings as I did!!! They clearly told me, “if someone is going it would be my sister if not than no one..”!!! That was it.  This thing occurred during my 9th final exams, so as was my nature – I went for a hunger strike !! This was during my study holidays and so it was a brilliant idea !!! After 2 days or more  I believe.. they lured me and said that they would allow me to go for the trekking trip once the exams would be over. Exams got over and that evening they refused !!! I wept bitterly !!!!!!

                   Now within a week I entered into my 10th standard. A week later there was an invitation for a ‘Scouts and Guides Petrol  Leader camp’ in a place called Guwahati around 100 km from the place I lived. This time I began lamenting ….”U dint allow me to go to the trekking trip ..this I will and must go” And somehow they allowed me to participate in the camp !!!!!! It was during this camp that I got selected for the National Rally  and that too has a story behind it..as to how I got selected….Still                    I could confess the lines of the Gospel singer Jim Reeves ‘But You love me Dady’ ha ha ha !!!! It was for the first time I was to travel by train…first person in my house (among my sisters)  to travel by train !!!! I suppose !!!!

So, though I missed the trekking trip….a much ‘glorious opportunity’ to go to Uttaranchal..miles and miles away from where I lived… was given by God to me !!!

2. Humble the proud !!! We sometimes pray ..”oh Lord ..make me humble ..make me selfless” And when God uses people or means to fulfill our desires..we complain !!!

3. Self pity… Sometimes we have a very high opinion about ourselves and end up in a pity that blinds us called the ‘self pity’.

4. Tests us ….Unless we are tested and we pass the tests given by God, how could we grow… If you say no to tests …. Well… remain stagnant in your lifes!!!!

Amen 🙂

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