Grace has many forms

Yes indeed! Grace received from God always isn’t an invisible form of power to overcome a circumstance, trial or sickness. It has many forms. Sometimes these forms could be something least expected.
Oliver our firstborn was born in Bangalore. My pregnancy and delivery was very easy.. humanly speaking. I was out on my feet without much of the post pregnancy health issues. I would often encourage sisters about the labour pains being tolerable and not much painful. It was God’s grace in the form of good physical strength then.
With the second pregnancy, I could see my health falling apart. Mood swings and irritation. I did seek for God’s grace and He sent my husband as a form of His grace until my delivery. Unlike my first pregnancy where I was hesitant to take my husband’s help in the household chores, now I was able to completely depend on him for my needs. I would often be marvelled by the manner in which he was able to manage Oliver so well.
Delivery and post delivery, God knew I needed another form of His grace and this time it was my Mom and youngest Sister. They were on their feet to manage the house completely. Earthly speaking though I don’t belong to a Royal family, yet at times I have been experiencing royal treatment equally or even more than what Kate Middleton might be receiving;)
I was speaking to my husband about all of these and finally spoke a word of disbelief that how would I manage after Mummy would return back home. My head (husband) than reminded me that grace would then probably take another form.. Could be a strong physical body to be able to manage the house once again.
So when we pray..Lord Your grace is sufficient for us, we should remember that the grace we are here praying for has many forms. Amen!!

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