God’s dealing with jLH

Some 3-4 years ago, all I remember praying at every meeting, every gathering, was “Lord’, give me Eternal Rest – Don’t make me sway..!!

Today, when I look back, I thank God for the way He has brought me thus far…!

I don’t know about my brothers & sisters in Christ, yet for me { even though I am currently part of a   pakka Pentecostal Church 😉 } God does things very subtly in my life..almost always. Yet, the things He does are always like a two edged sword that pierces through my soul, making me realize it is HE who has done it!

….. from providing my needs, to directing my steps EVERYTHING .


When I need something, He doesn’t make ‘oil flow out from a jar’. He sends it through someone.

When He doesn’t like something I do, there is a loud ‘Bang’, & the door gets closed.

Oh, He does test me many a times. I know He likes doing that so that I could grow spiritually.

He makes me realize my weaknesses & stretches forth His hand of help to lift me up.

When I get proud, He immediately humbles me.


Recently some 3-4 weeks ago, I experienced a similar thing that I had gone through some 5 years ago – God encouraging me by just a sentence written somewhere.  I was in a place called Periyapalayam,  a little outskirts region in the North of Chennai. We were made to stay in a village like area and were given a complete house to rest for three days. It was night and Uncle was sitting in the veranda as there was cool breeze blowing there. I was on my bed ( actually a sofa cum bed). It was nearly 11 or 12 midnight, I am not sure of the exact time.  I wasn’t feeling sleepy and was actually not even thinking about anything in particular. Yes, I was having severe stomach cramps (Due to some food disorder, I had developed some severe stomach cramps the entire week and this was a Friday. ) yet that didn’t bother me much.

At  about 12, suddenly there was heavy thunder and lightning and Uncle came rushing in. Actually rain water was entering inside the room through the windows. Here was Uncle entering in carrying his chair, and I was looking at the ceiling.  He looked at me with amazement that I was still awake. Something happened within me and I began to weep. Seriously, I still can’t figure out what exactly was the cause. After a while I wiped my tears and asked Uncle to pray and I was about to sleep. Yet, my weeping really disturbed Uncle. For another 1 and a half hours, he was asking me what was the cause of my weeping…did someone say something, did I say something, did someone do something, did you receive any call – what happened? You want to return to Chennai, want a doctor??? What Jesse??

I said no,no, no..none of the above!!! I assured him that it was not a serious thing and that I wouldn’t share. He asked me to tell the truth if it was something he should know..I again assured him that it wasn’t anything serious. Actually there was a flow of emotional outburst..I had never experienced such a thing before. My heart was still little heavy though Uncle was fine now. As there wasn’t any electricity line in the rest room ( there was a bulb yet no flow of current ) and it was situated outside the house ..inside the compound and it was raining heavily adding a little more weight to what I was feeling. I borrowed Uncle’s cellphone to use his torch, {why didn’t I use mine ? coz if the phone slips from my hand in the rest room…in case…yes..am little selfish ;)}

ok ok… Let me come to the climax of this long story…………..

As I opened the bolt of the rest room, my eyes fell into something – the most beautiful words one could ever find in a time as such.

On the wall, with colourful sketchwork there was a writing .. “a three worded sentence


Ahhhhhhh…..tears began to flow down my cheeks….Oh, Jesus, at a time as this, and as silly as I was, You bothered to encourage me and show me how much You cared for me ? Oh Lord…., can’t believe it ..You did it for me ( Have never ever seen such a thing written in a rest room during any ministry visit ).

“No one can boast about their love for Christ. His love for us surpasses all understanding!! ”

God has been, is & will always be good to me..!!

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