God specializes in impossibilities

There is a thin line to it and this makes all the difference

God’s ways / Our ways

God’s doing / Our choice

God’s will / Our will

This line is so much deluded that many choose to either ignore it or act as if it never ever exists. During the days of my ignorance – I believed there was ‘a’ God yet He always remained as ‘a God’. Someone who had the responsibility to protect me, to give me good marks, to heal me etc, etc. Today having received this Great Light who is the Light Himself everything that takes place in my life has begun to make sense…!! There is a meaning to every commas and full stops.

Dear friends, please know this thing – if you don’t know how to acknowledge God in every step you take up the mountain, you should not blame Him when you begin to slip.

Have you ever wondered? Some people have this aroma around them, they have this great divine peace even in midst of struggles, they have such a fruitful life, how is it possible ??

You know how ?? They seek for God’s grace and choose to do things His way. They are quick to submit every matter into His hands and they are clear very clear with this Truth

” God is God and they are mere men ”

Yes equivalent to every trial or suffering you are going through God has ‘ grace’ in store placed safely in a locker and all you need it to humbly ask !!!

There were a couple of uncomfortable circumstances I faced last year. Many of them from known people….!! I had people telling me that the reason for my delayed marriage was the ‘angel of light ‘ it seems. They sent me messages that the angel of light caused delayed marriages and barrenness among women. I was sad listening to it. No!!! Not that I believed it….it was because some believed in it. Yet my Father so beautifully comforted me with many Bible portions proving God is the author of Life. Genesis and Luke speaks of how God was the One who opened and closed wombs. He was the author and not that feeble angel of light. Eg…God remembered Rachel ….God remembered Elizabeth etc, etc…!!! I was so glad when I read those verses…!!! There is life in the Word of God.

Recently, also while reading Mathew 1 & 2 God made me see …. If He was capable to make a virgin give birth to a life (LIFE), how much more a believing couple…You believe it ?? Encourage others !!!!

God specializes in impossibilities ….!!! Know God and trust Him.


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