God is the comforter of my soul

Yes, He is mysterious and at times you feel that He is least bothered about you. Who is this He ……????

Yesterday as I had my two front teeth (milk teeth that had never fallen ) removed, i sat depressed and sad. I began thinking about our human life and this mortal body. I din’t want to go to the prayer cell at 6 pm as people would see my lost teeth and comment. I knew this was a good reason to bunk the prayer time and to add more spice to this struggle of mine the deceiver called satan gave me another excuse and that was …”it’s raining and I don’t feel well.” I wanted to overcome this weakly nature and mood and finally energized by a cup of tea decided to gooo. All the way while driving I spoke to Him and said ” You have to comfort me today.” As we were worshiping Sis Renuka – the one who leads the Sister’s prayer gathering lead us to sing … ‘santhoshama irranga…eppozhadu…santhoshama irranga(tamil)’ …( in English ..rejoice and always rejoice ) ohhhh glad I was – that even this time like every other time He comforted me … Yes He the True lover of my soul.

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