God is in control of ‘Your Past’

Yes, you heard it right, Our Heavenly Father is in control of even our past life. This was an entry in my personal diary dated 24th November 2013. It must have been that i was going through the life of King Hazekiah. One of the very few whole – heated kings after King David. He was the only one who had destroyed the altars placed on the hills. While later in his life, he was bed ridden and he prayed. God heard his prayer and a total of 15 years were added to his life.

Now he wanted a sign from God and God did offer him two things.

that the Shadow – ‘which denotes the time of the day’….would either

  1. Go forward ten steps or
  2. Backward ten steps


King Hezekiah chose the second option. This was because going forward was quite an easy thing. For God to take care of our future is understandable. Yet, past ???? Could God take control over our past ??? Is it possible ??

Yes, it was then God clearly made this truth known that He is the same YESTERDAY, Today and Forever.

Thank You Lord !!!

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