God i know what i am doing !!!

Have you ever told God that you knew what you were doing …….

Yes, recently very recently I did it. When the news about the acid attack appeared in the newspaper, I browsed through all articles regarding it and read about many attacks and this made my heart grieve. God warned me – Enough! you need not read anymore as  the more you read the more you will get depressed and loose interest in things with which I have beautified the world. And my response to God was – “No Daddy! it’s nice to improve my G.K …you see and these would benefit me to learn more about other people’s grief”. “Hmmmm!!” was His response and He allowed me to continue. After a while I again came across the Delhi rape case and was curious to know how could such things happen in a bus – didn’t the driver or conductor stop it? He again told me ‘Jesse enough!!’And I told Him that  I knew what I was doing’. And the result to all my reading that day was  “Lord why is this world so ugly, why are the people so bad, these men don’t they have any fear of You”. And so my heart felt uneasy and was disturbed for a long time.

Finally you know what He replied to me …

1 Kings 19:10  After fearing that he would be killed, he speaks to God  “I have been absolutely loyal to the LORD, the sovereign God, even though the Israelites have abandoned the agreement they made with you, torn down your altars, and killed your prophets with the sword. I alone am left and now they want to take my life.”

:18 (You know what God answered him)….. I still have left in Israel seven thousand followers who have not bowed their knees to Baal or kissed the images of him.”

So it’s very easy to judge this wicked world and then enter into an emotional breakdown – Lord everything is vanity..like King Solomon…….!!!

God doesn’t want us to live in constant fear, He doesn’t want us to sit composed inside our secure homes, for practically speaking there’s no guarantee of safety even at our homes, except for the protecting Shield that covers us – the fence that’s around God’s people as we read in Job. So, I regret for not listening to God that day …as the past two days neither was I able to remain at peace nor enjoy His presence in abundance. Now this doesn’t mean we need to stay aloof from the problems out in the world..No!No…not so! Yet, we should have a right attitude while coming across such news reports. Pray for the victims….pray for our relatives and friends who could be vulnerable and yes ..thank God for His Grace that He has protected us thus far.

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