God calls – the Blind, Lame & Crippled

I remember distinctly I had to do some translation work once many years ago. It was just a proof reading not the actual translation. So the person incharge called me as my name was suggested for the task and when I told him my background that I was a Tamil-Hmar combo.. He sounded quite hesitant. I am not judging him here yet he sounded rather fearful to give the responsibility into my hands. Which was true in every logical way. Neither the Tamilians nor the people in North east ( with a very few exceptions like my sister) know good Hindi. Yet I enjoyed doing the task.. It was real fun. God blessed it and it came out real well. I believe the publisher was happy with the work as well.. With my work.. Far from it!! With the final work.. Yes!!

So very often we see this happening around us.. The blind, lame and crippled are the ones who are the banquet guests and the real friends and relatives of the groom or bride are left outside. The qualified and nearly perfect are not the ones chosen for the task apt for their personalities… God loves doing some mismatch here.. He rather would choose those who are not capable to do greater work for Him because they would not depend on their strength yet would depend on the greatest Mighty power.

Same applies to us – Mother’s. How often we are given instructions to raise the children this way or that. We are quoted beautiful quotes from the lives of women who have walked before us and made us realize how well they did as a mother / wife and when we are put through similar circumstances we barely manage to walk by it. It’s good to be weak, it’s good to be sober, it’s good to be quiet….. A broken person is far closer to God than a haughty self sufficient person. Brokenness cannot be seen in our words, it’s seen in our life.

Haven’t we tasted this – There’s a sweet tenderness of Christ manifested at home when we are all sick.. Haven’t we experienced that? Why? Because we are all very weak and there’s no room for self and pride in that phase of sickness. We are weak, dependent, vulnerable and yes awaiting and hoping for something better. Yet when we are all strong and healthy we make plans to do this and that.. fight and argue and want our will to be done on earth and in heaven!!!!!

May we walk in this spirit of weakness.. May we consider ourselves sick – that we may yearn for healing… day by day. May our words be filled with compassion and sympathy rather than arrogance and pride. May we never expect perfection from anyone – spouse / children. May we live this life knowing God has called us – the blind, lame and crippled to His kingdom. 

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