Give me strength for I am weak

A few months ago, this was the poem that I was about to post. And somehow, I do not know how, just a paragraph got posted. It happens, ‘everything has a time…isn’t it.’

Now I believe it’s the time that I post the remaining paragraphs. You know what, we can take life very lightly probably very casually I could say!! You can choose to do so with yours as you are accountable for that alone, yet when it involves another person, I would advise to deal everything with the fear of God..that sums up !!

As days are passing by there is a strong sense of zeal given by God. Zeal to fight the battle of lukewarmness in me!! Be either cold or hot!! There’s much more hope for a cold person than a lukewarm one!!

Yes, my Poem – those who have ears to hear …..HEAR !!

Give me strength, Oh Lord my God,

For I am weak, just flesh and bones

To wait for Your time and

Not be carried away by mine.

Preserve me, my Lord, a virgin pure,

Until the commencement of the promise,

Make firm my steps Lord, let me not stray,

Your will and Your will alone give me today, I pray!!!!

Be my Eleazar, Oh Holy Spirit,

And lead me also PROTECT me please,

I am veiled for the promised one,

May, no one look at me, hide me….I pray.

Oh, how weak I am,

How weak my steps,

How uncertain my decisions,

Give me Grace – I cry- I pray

I do – what I do not want to,

I say – what I do not like to,

Conform in me Thy divine nature,

Jesus- help me ….my Saviour.

Even if I fall, lift me up,

If you want me to…I could begin it afresh,

Where can i run to – for help

If not to You..Dear Lord to You

If not to You..Dear Lord to You

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