Forgive me for this self driven life

As I whispered a prayer in secret this day, I realized the state of this selfish heart,  That sought only the fulfillment of her plans and desires,  Rather than seeking to do God’s Will alone. 

I began searching this wicked heart and realized, How often I have just planned and sought God to bless my plans,  His yes’ excited me so greatly – mistaken always for it was my pitiful pride. 
Have  I ever sat still at His feet, asking Him what next Lord.. what next Lord!

Rather I have laid down before Him a book of to do’s,  Waiting for His blessing upon the work, which were actually self originated rather than His divine work. 
I sought for this and prayed for that, And He did deliver me and heard my cry, Yet was that the purpose of my life – Was it man driven (self driven) or was I seeking His will. 

Father fill my life and make me learn to ask and seek to do Your will alone, For the best of my plans might for sure get fulfilled, yet would that be the desire of Your Glorious Heart. 
May my heart be cleansed by Your fire, every selfish thought word and deed.  May I start afresh in this life, seeking to do Your will, Your will alone – Day in and day out.

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