What a slave we are to this ‘feelings of ours’!!. I think (my personal perception) women are far more affected by feelings than are men. If feelings were created by our Creator (which I am sure of), I don’t think that it was meant to do us harm. Just like money which is a pretty good servant yet a very horrible master, the same could be applied to ‘feelings’.

A careful analysis of the times when I used to get depressed, dejected, feel hopeless and irritated were the times when I had nothing to excite upon. This would happen in a minute gap…sometimes high and sometimes low almost like an ECG reading of a normal person – like a wave – an upward or downward deflection or simply could call it a valley-mountain experience . Even Uncle had noticed this many times and he would tell it to me –‘Jesse!! Only when something good happens you are joyful’.

What a bad testimony!! Isn’t it? Yet the good news is that this is not so now! Yes… not so!! 🙂

The world in order to ‘feel good’ seeks external pleasures like (……) and the sad thing is many so called believers follow the same. I had read this somewhere – ‘Feelings are the most unfaithful friends’

It is His grace that has helped me to fight..yes fight this Goliath right out there. In my case, the current status is: ‘Goliath almost fainting from the blows, is about to collapse at any moment’ Praise God!!

No more do I dwell in the ‘mere feeling phenomenon’. I am seeking to dwell on the TRUTH!!

I hope you are not mistaking me here – Life is not a bed of roses. I know we will have to face many unpleasant situations, sometimes weep for others or even about something, yet that should not kill the ignited flame within. The flame (Faith upon God) should never die out. Circumstances might try to blow this flame out……yet this smoldering wick should never extinguish. The ‘ray of Hope’ that, ‘God is still in control’ should be like an intersecting line … dissecting – every situation and cancelling or crossing out any fears about the present or future may it be a Spiritual, Physical or Financial one.

Sometimes a rude talk, a bad comment, an undone task or even a spoilt dish could make us ‘feel’ bad. Hey, let’s rise above these insignificant things..!! Reject all these ‘negative feelings’ about the same and press on to move forward. This is a life I had always sought for……‘a life of Sabbath Rest’. A life when I am always joyful (in the Lord) – when I have something or when I loose it, when I am in the midst of many loving people or I am all alone, when I have lots to do or when I am vetti ( jobless), when I am sick or healthy, in all situations – having the joy of the Lord 24 X 7.

Now, whenever the negative feelings try to push its way through our lives, we need to rebuke it and chase it off by the Armour that the Lord has provided us with. (Ephesians 6:13-18)  – the belt of truth, the breast plate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, the shoes of gospel, and the sword of the Spirit.


Recently I happened to watch a movie ‘Me, You, and Us forever’. I had many a times seen the trailer for this movie { Christian Movie 😉 }and wanted to watch it. This time discovered it in the wonderful website ‘http://topchistianmovies.com’. The rarest of rare movies are uploaded in this site and all for free…wow !! This was a clean and edifying movie yet I did not like the message that was left behind. The end was incomplete.

Anyways, what I am trying to say here is ..even in this movie and in fact in reality,  many couples even Christian couples get divorce today – the reason being….. ‘They don’t feel loved or don’t feel like loving the other person’. When did love become a feeling? It’s so sad. May all believers take their ‘marriages’ seriously, as a covenant that they had taken before God Himself. (Yes, I know, I probably cannot speak much on this subject), yet I am pressing my strong conviction about it and I know it should be this way. Marriage is an earthly picture of Christ’s relationship with the church!!

In this movie, I was really taken up by a series of dialogues, which I would be quoting below..

“Two reasons-we get mad at God

We get mad at God because we don’t get our way….. remember what the  Bible says – ‘Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Sometimes God’s will isn’t done here on earth… even if it is a righteous thing’.

And secondly we get mad at God because we know He can do something about a certain situation and He doesn’t ..Sometimes it is difficult to understand why God allows or doesn’t allow certain things to happen…!!

Proverb 21:30 There is no council against the Lord. If the Lord Jesus Christ appears to you right now and He asks you if you had any questions about your situation- the why’s and the why not’s. When it was finished you would say..thank You..thank You Lord ..You are right..and there wouldn’t be any correction or anything you would say to Him when it was finished. Because there is no council against the Lord. God is perfect and He doesn’t make mistakes.

God always has our best interest at heart. He is trying to form Jesus Christ in us and is that any easy? And it is during these trails that He does His greatest work. Remember Dave.. nothing grows up to a thousand feet ..but things sure do grow in the valley……and it is during these valley times of life…He is doing something big in us. God doesn’t always let us in what He is doing at that time……He wants us ..to walk by faith ..the Bible says .. ‘Faith is what pleases God’ ….. when this is all over and you have time to look back…..You are going to see a great work that He has done in your life !!!”

Wonderful isn’t it ?

Is it possible to fight this battle – ‘to live by faith and not feelings, or to live by Truth and not feelings’. Is it possible to do so? Yes……it is..! ‘Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find it’

I want to be a woman as such and I know am not far away from it !!!!

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