Excitement Explosion !!

Am very excited about what’s going to take place in the near future. My spirit says so, & I know it is trustworthy!!

2 Corinthians 1:3,4

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and God of all comfort, who comforteth us in all our affliction, that we may be able to comfort them who are in any affliction by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.


It’s so wonderful…to be led by Christ this way. I have always wondered about the man of God – MOSES, I actually envy him at times because of what I read about him in Numbers 12:3, a certificate by God Himself…’Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men that were upon the face of the earth. “Too wonderful to comprehend. Will I ever receive a testimony as this?”

Here, I am reminded about the life of Pr. Sundaram ayya (the founder of Apostolic Christian Assembly ), this I heard recently in the all Tamil Nadu Pastor’s A.C.A Fellowship. A particular pastor quoted this incident about Pr Sundaram who was from Palliyadi a town close to  Kanyakumari , he had gone to be with the Lord in the same year when I was born 1989.

When he was advanced in years, he would spend much time, lying on the mat and having one of the young brothers read him scripture portions. He was remarkably a simple man of God. One particular day after finishing his ministry, he called a young brother and asked to read out scripture portions to him while he laid down relaxing. ‘Thambi (brother) read out the 1st chapter of Mathew’. “Mathew 1st chapter?” asked the young brother. Why did he react in such a way ? As we all know it well, that is a chapter we normally skip, or even if we do read it, it’s done in an express speed. The first chapter of Mathew gives the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Pr. Sundaram ayya insisted again and the brother with much hesitation read it out aloud.

As the brother began to read out each name, Pr. Sundaram while lying on his mat, began shedding tears. This brother was perplexed and asked him, ‘ Ayya why are you weeping’. Pr. Sundaram ayya replied,’ Thambi had I been living in that period, would the Holy Spirit have written down my name along with those saints ?’


What are we running for today?

Fame, name, a little more of land, salary increment, a few more degrees, ……………..?

Would any of these even matter to  anything in eternity ?

Oh Lord, may the BLIND ( including me) see !!

There is a temptation that I face these days. Receiving lots of messages from lovely brothers and sisters, seeking advice on different matters, how to overcome addiction to pornography, depression, sickness, and  especially relationship.

Recently a friend of mine told me this way, “Jesse, I was afraid to share these things with you, for I thought you would think low of me”. Come on, I am made of the same flesh as you, tempted by the same things. May we be able to help each other.

There is this temptation – to help them out or to stay away ! To be a dictator or a friend! To rebuke or to sympathize! To judge or to LOVE.

A few years ago, I would have stayed away yet today I cannot !! With fear and trembling, knowing every word I speak or text would be considered seriously by my brother and sister, I need to judge every word I say. Placing myself in the same situation I have realized that their cry is genuine and need much more. These brothers and sisters of mine, are not unspiritual people, they just need the right Direction. May God fill us with true love and compassion to help the weak stand.

I wish every child of God knows this truth well that ‘Marriage’ is not about ‘feelings’ – how you feel about the other person. Feeling is a deceptive friend. It is all about God’s desire and will.

Psalms 78:29 – So they ate and were well filled; He gave them what they craved and lusted after.

May this never happen in our lives. May we never tempt God, having known what God desires and wishes us to have, we should not ask or desire for another. It’s true that the flesh is weak, may we ask God for His help even in this.

What’s the will of God? I once heard one preacher define this and have never forgotten it ever-since.


As simple as that could be.

Again here I tell, one can never know the will of God without His anointing. I don’t know about others, yet for me ‘anointing or being led by the Spirit’ is not the mere speaking in tongues or any divine experience, it is ‘FELLOWSHIP with the Holy Spirit’.

When He leads … one will never fail!!

It’s so important for believers to know what failure implies. The world would define failure in its own terms, yet for you and me..it’s what Jesus defines.

It’s also true I myself have disobeyed His guidance a number of times, yet with repentance have come back to Him for a fresh anointing.

Yet, above all….

Being led by the Holy Spirit , having fellowship with Him is possible when we yield ourselves to Him and let go of our control over ourselves. Personally speaking, to me, this could mean, to let go of uploading in watt-sap a picture that somehow comes out well yet the Holy Spirit disapproves of it. It could also mean not to speak something which might sound harmless yet the Spirit says ‘no’, or sometimes to do something that you don’t like to do yet the Spirit says to do it.

Being led by the Holy Spirit is this..!!

It’s a life full of excitement and sometimes painful too…!! Painful because in the process every sharp edge gets blunted out by the Pruner. Yet you know for sure that He is trustworthy and would do everything for our ETERNAL best..!!

With this note, today I am about to complete my 6th dairy…!! 😉

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