Encounter with a couple at road

I was returning from Dmart today and I happened to notice a girl who was walking ahead of me. I noticed that her churidar was not aligned properly and even as we both were walking at a fast pace I found her squeezing her dress even more to the left. My doubt of her as working woman was taken away when I noticed she was bare footed and then I realized she kept holding her clothes around her hip. After a while I began thinking maybe her stomach was hurting or her clothes were torn. She then stopped near a tea stall and kept staring at someone.. I was eager to know who she was and why she was here!!

I initially felt she might be hungry and wanted to offer her some snack yet what if I was wrong and so I waited. She was communicating in action to a man and he was furious at her. He was showing her actions of cutting and I was fearful. I waited. She looked sad and was like begging him. He left the stall and walked at a fast pace ahead. I waited and didn’t want to look as if I was spying on them and so took out my phone and was observing them simultaneously. After a while he crossed me first and she began following him. I followed her and called her name. I went and touched her and asked if she needed any help. I asked her where she lived. Meanwhile she blurted that he was her husband and had torn her clothes and told me she left everything and married him. It was a love marriage. Later she adviced me – Please don’t go after a love marriage!! And then I noticed her husband turning and looking at me.. He walked behind and came to me telling.. Don’t husband and wife fight..? I was a little scared yet I just took a deep breath. I had a flashback of a few scenes of domestic violence I had witness in my childhood days. This man was calm and told me it was her fault, she never cared for her child and it died because of her and how he loved the child.
Saying this I said.. Please forgive each other. I told him she had left everything and was living with him and he immidiately replied that even he had left everything for her. Even though I kept telling him to take her to her home. He left and started running… She was going to her home. I walked with her. She wanted me to come along with her as her clothes were torn and go and give her husband some advice. When we took a turn towards their home. He was sitting at a corner of a house. He looked at her and wanted to tell her that he is feeling like puking. I went and she fell at his feet and asked forgiveness. He did not melt. He was accusing her for many things and likewise she was justifying herself. They were married for 6 years. I told her to give up her resentment and go. Also for him to forgive her and take her home. “Go make a cup of tea and forget everything and start over again” . And after a few more minutes of talk, he left. I insisted that she follow him back home. She thanked me and left.

I returned home realizing how ungrateful I had been and how I had taken God’s peace at home for granted. How people were struggling in their marriages yet I had been picking up quarrel with my husband for really silly and insignificant matters. May I realize the gift of God’s righteousness in my life and His providence of a wonderful God fearing marriage. May I refrain from getting upset or hurt for matters that was so very insignificant. May God’s peace and joy dwell in my home and yours. We might not realize that having a God centric marriage is one of the greatest gift God has given to every daughter of His. May our hearts be filled with gratitude towards the Giver of all good things. At the same time may our hearts cry out for all those struggling and battling to keep their marriages alive and gloryfying God. May every marriage be preserved and may ever husband and wife realize that their union was created for a purpose by God!!! 

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