Don’t sympathize with Grace

Recently under the happenings of the Corona Virus pandemic, we have watched a couple of videos about the poor labourers and the daily wage workers being homeless without proper food and other basic care. While the human within us sympathizes with it and we somehow console ourselves that atleast we aren’t suffering like them, the Christian soul within us need to rebuke us for the same. This kind of a pity is not what Jesus would have had towards anyone even the poorest of poor. While their plight is genuine yet we shouldn’t forget that they too have a Father in Heaven Who cares for them. They have very little to worry about and the joy and pleasure in their heart sometimes is far more than what we possess. How do I apply this to my life?

Very often we tend to compare ourselves with our relatives or other families in the church. Pride makes us compare ourselves with people whom we consider inferior to ourselves. Sometimes, if we own a house of our own we tend to have a negative sympathy towards others who don’t while the truth could be that the peace dwelling in that poor family house could be 100 times more than in our homes with all those riches. We might sometimes have a negative sympathy towards someone going through a prolonged sickness or a disability while the truth could be that the person would hardly ever be bothered about any of these and he would have dedicated his entire life each day to be fruitful for the Kingdom of God. And still sometimes we begin to develop this negative sympathy towards someone who has an unsaved partner or children, not realizing that this could be just an instrument used by the Lord to glorify His name in that family and that the Lord would soon save the entire family and glorify His name.

This negative sympathy negating the grace in another person’s life is a wrong attitude. Rather let us praise God for each other and get challenged by the battles being won by them.

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