Don’t run from Him Who knows you

Yes, as almost always, my dreams does speak to least those that I remember and especially,  where I wake up reminded of a particular sentence that stays so deeply in my mind. Yes it was this morning and even as I woke up and brushed my teeth/ tooth probably teeth whatever, these words began ringing in my ears and my entire body felt shaken by it. NOOO….. I am not speaking of ANY supernatural experience, I wish to live my entire life depending on the Still Small Voice that the Holy Spirit always speak to me with, even if I never receive a great vision or any such experiences.

Shhhhshhhh don’t tell it out aloud … probably I might be shunned for this statement 😉 It’s true though – I have never asked for a sign ever… the best of my knowledge..!! Best of my knowledge..!!

Yes, coming to my dream. I again dreamed about Bro. Zac and Sis Annie and another brother. Why do I see this ‘another brother’ I don’t know ! I was travelling somewhere by bus and then I got down at a stop. I saw Bro. Zac, Sister Annie and another brother walking on the road. They were probably shopping .. buying some artifacts .. was strange !! It looked like Cochin. They entered into a shop that had small items like key-chains and Bro. Zac was observing them. ……………….

Bro. Zac asked me if I wanted to buy a particular item which wasn’t displayed in the shop. I explained it to him that they earlier sold that item yet now they had stopped it. This way we visited 2-3 other shops. All of a sudden Bro. Zac asks that brother if they sold balloons in a nearby shop. He wanted to distribute some balloons among the tiny children out there. I went and offered Bro. Zac if he wanted anything. He refused. Then Bro. Zac and that other Bro began distributing the balloons.

Meanwhile I began speaking with Sis Annie and was asking her about something. It so happened while speaking my tongue slipped and I addressed Bro. Zac as Pastor…and upon realizing that ..we both laughed..!!

THEN.. a change in the SCENE

I was with a couple of friends and I noticed a girl in that group and somehow I don’t know how I could sense it, she was into a relationship and was having some problem. I just held her hands and lead her to a mirror. And having both our reflection in the mirror I asked her..”for a moment, just imagine that your whole life..good and bad..everything…. becomes visible to me…. what would you do ? I repeated this statement and  I asked her “would you run from me ….now ? Why are you running from those who know you as you are because they can see who you actually are. Why are you running towards those who aren’t bothered at all ?”

She was shocked upon listening to this statement and I woke up having this statement being re-winded in my mind…! I couldn’t get it out of my mind. And so that’s how I tweeted this … !


“Run not from Him who knows you through & through. Abide in Him & halt your steps from running after vain things for they are empty & futile.”


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