Doesn’t trials make some sense now

This was something that challenged me  immensely last night!! Doesn’t trials make some sense now 🙂 May God continue to give us light in this Truth.

Trials had changed Scribe Paul to Disciple Paul – Bro. Zac Poonen

When we are going through trials, we need to submit to God and be willing to be molded in the way our Potter desires us to. Ahhh…sounds easy isn’t it and much easier to type it down yet we all know the actual process is painful! At the same time – dear Brothers and Sisters, Truth alone will prevail and over centuries this is what we see…!! Most fruitful lives for God were lived by people who were willing to go through God’s school of training through Trials and Sufferings.

Each time, in the midst of a trial I am reminded of Job and how people around us are more interested in pointing out our sins rather than to encourage us to not give up and press on. Sufferings are considered by many as a punishment from God ONLY and hardly ever as a test or a means to make us stronger. Even, ‘ brokenness’ is something seen by many as a result of our sins. Now, in midst of all of this and being surrounded by Job’s companions, ‘Truth as this’ has really challenged me and given me hope. Brokenness is good, Suffering is sweet and Trials profitable !!!!!

Father…!! insert  these Truths deep into me!!!

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