Have you ever had some time to observe people around you. We girls are quick to spot a growing pimple on our faces and hardly ever do we find time to look the world around us – the people around us.

When Uncle and i, travel to nearby Tamil Nadu towns or villages by bus, very frequently this thought would come in my min ‘ there that person waiting at the bus stop…he is also a ‘me’, matlab even he is thinking something at this moment. While he thinks – he is the only ‘me, yet the person repairing the cycle….he too is a ‘me’. Funny isn’t it. We are all ‘me’s . it is difficult to grasp. I wonder how God deals with us…trillions and trillions of ‘me’s…..!!

Recently one of my friend in Coorg while returning from his home town, met a boy who couldn’t walk and had some deformity. He had boarded that bus and my friend helped him get a blanket and learnt a little about him. My friend was totally disturbed listening to his story and texted me to pray for that boy and his family. He told me ‘ I just want that guy to get back his normal life and attain his goal..’ I was little occupied that day and couldn’t continue the chat and thought of sending him a video of Nick Vujicic after I return back to Chennai. I just told him, ‘ Being normal is not normal’ I will  tell you later‘….!!!

Here, God has provided me the opportunity to show this friend of mine that Disability is not ‘physical’…. ‘it could be a part of God’s good gift too’. Some people are born blind, deaf, dumb and lame. So does it mean that God is partial to some. He gives everything in a perfect state and to some nothing..!! Is God an unjust God…!! You know the answer..NO NEVER !!! Then ,

I am asking you this question….What’s the disability in being a disabled person ? Probably nothing !!! They are just as normal as we are.

Here, I happened to meet a very good Brother. He had helped me in some translation work nearly 4-5 hours a day – morning 9-10:45 and evening 7:30-10:45 pm for 5 days. Not once did I see him being embarrassed about his situation….he sits as a gentleman – with humility YET 100% Dignity..!!

I grabbed this opportunity and informed my friend about this brother and also told him this brother is happier than many who might be physically complete. Ha……I am sure his foot would be much more glorious than many who having everything today yet all they know is to eat and sleep.

I received an opportunity to even help him wash his hands after food as other boys were far away. Not a single hesitation…no sign of embarrassment, accepting who he is yet keeping his head held high..!!God bless him,…!!

Having everything, our disability seems to be greater than those who have little.

Keep your head held high, and know that God is in control. He has a perfect plan for your life. Nick Vujicic

( Watch this video and tell me – in the sight of God who is  really disabled – He or is it you, who having everything yet stay away from doing the will of God… Your disability is greater…sister/brother !!

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