Created for a PURPOSE – 1

Introduction: An incomplete attempt to write down an autobiography!

Part 1: I have always thought of writing a novel…an autobiography or at least a book about all that God has done in my life. YET, even as God is giving me new light each day – I personally believe that writing down my failures and God’s work in my life is my choice yet my past being entangled with many people, I shouldn’t be involving the failures of other people – ‘PEOPLE’ whom I have forgiven and THINGS that I have almost forgotten!!!

SO, I need to give a new approach to my book…!! I am not sure if this will work – let me take it one day at a time mainly focusing how God builds our life….yes yes yes and how God plans our lives….!! It’s going to be interesting, so do not miss any part. I  would continue writing and would end it with the circle being completed. What I mean to say is- when ‘The Day’ arrives !! JESUS is the author of all Faith…..!! Faith that leads to do the will of the FATHER alone. I’ll try to be open, leaving some parables here and there in case I need to and might have one write-up per week so that by the time – everything is Said and Done, I would ( we would ) have a book ready….!! Now if what it doesn’t end the way I desire to….hmmmm…!! Yes, for a hypothetical conclusion let’s say even if this doesn’t end the way I desire even THEN, it would turn out to be a beautiful story !! An inspirational one …. !!

Sounds fun !! Let’s seee…………….!!

I also have asked Amreetha to help me with the Grammar –  a few pages are done – let’s hope she too finds time to do it.

The Lord is my Shepherd. Yes, He has lead me thus far and He will lead me on. Clothed in the garment of salvation, under the shadow of my Heavenly Father, I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving and praise for all that He has done for me.

Thank You, Lord, for saving me. Thank You for looking past my sins and accepting me. Thank You for laying Your loving hands upon the scars of my life and healing them, thank You, Lord, for ‘transforming ‘ me!!

                  Upon His grace I’ll daily ponder, and sing anew His praise

                  With all adoring wonder, His blessings I retrace

                  It seems as if eternal days, are far too short to sing His praise.

                                                                              (W. Spencer Walton )

When I was still very young, I always wished to travel. My school friends would go on vacations with their parents yet I couldn’t. We couldn’t afford it. Born in Manipur, North East India and brought up in Shillong ( Meghalaya), this was my heart’s cry –  to travel.

“Oh Mummy, when will I get to travel like my friends by train” asked  little Jesse ( when she was probably 6 or 7 years of age). To which her Mummy replied, ‘Don’t worry, jessepuk??, when we die and our soul and spirit is taken up to paradise, we would then pass though all these wonderful places on the earth”.  I nodded and went to bed that night not knowing that this question of mine was heard by my Heavenly Father above. He began knitting things together in my life that would one day make all my innocent desires and wishes come true.

My dad, whom I have never called as ‘Dad’ but Papa, belongs to the Hmar tribe from the state of Manipur and my mother is from Tamil Nadu, a pure Tamilian. So with three other siblings of mine, we lived a good number of our lives in the quarters of Doordarshan Kendra, Shillong.

When each of us required uniform and shoes for the new year, Papa would get me Action shoes ( a brand) with artificial wheels beneath so that I could glide while walking. I never settled for the normal, not even once since my childhood days. Very early in life, I had the desire to shine and be the center of attraction. Victoria, my eldest sister, Mercy, the second and Ruth my youngest sister – made my small world. This ‘Hmar family’ in the apartment quarters was known for having smart and disciplined children, a slight exception though – Jesse being the over-smart one.

Three of us, Mercy, Ruth and I,  studied in Kendriya Vidhyalaya school and received many opportunities to shine and come forward. Have you heard of the phrase ‘ Jack of all trades and Master of none’ . Yes, this was aptly my case. Be it drawing, singing, sports, dancing, writing, reciting, in all of these I was a proud ‘Jack’, yet I did not master any.

” A wild beast when young is as harmless as a dove’. That was the state of my childhood days. I was an innocent little girl.

I can still recall many incidents caused due to my outrageous curiosity. In the absence of my father, I would unscrew the ‘tape recorder’ and try to see what exactly existed inside the machine. Yet, alas, my tender little fingers did not know how to screw the nuts back into the original position and I would be caught red handed by my Papa. My Papa wouldn’t punish us physically, yet his scolding would be equivalent to that. If there was anything wrong at home -‘was it Jesse?”  was the common question asked and why not, it was my work, most of the time.  Mercy would call me – Miss Butterfingers !!

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