I was just looking at the huge pile of toys Oliver has and the recently purchased playing clay and was reminded of my childhood. Each of us had a stuffed toy, a barbie doll and a kitchen set. Oh yes, we also had a battery-operated train with tracks. More than these.. I do not remember. My second thought was did I ever complain about not having many toys or compared myself to anyone? Was my childhood memorable? Yes…… so much so I find myself dreaming those moments even now. Our childhood was so delightful and full of gay. To my memory comes only one instance when we were heading for a Guwahati ‘social science exhibition’ and as we were sitting in the bus, I can still recall it as if it were yesterday, one of our senior who was the only child to her parents, had her Dad come to the bus and he handed her a bag full of chips, cool drink and a few biscuits. I was like Wow… I wish I had those. This was the only time I wished to have something that I did not possess. I was a girl who was content. 

Today, I have grown up and my faith isn’t like a child anymore. Each time I lack the divine grace, I fail in this area of comparing myself with someone and feel frustrated or discouraged. This isn’t the way I should be living. I am a unique creation of God and my mission on Earth is also unique. God, my Heavenly Father has specific talents for me and He has granted me the required resources to fulfil His purpose on this Earth. If I am to be a farmer, He has given me the plough, if I am to be a carpenter, He has given me the hammer. I need to be content and trust Him!!

I still remember my study table was a wooden table made by Papa and my chair was the wooden/iron trunk of clothes that was neatly arranged at the corner of the room facing the single frame window. My childhood was beautiful. We would play at home… Mostly by creating our toys. Paper was used as money and we would design and colour unruled sheets of paper and spread them as cloth material. One among us would be the seller and the remaining the buyer. We never asked our parents for expensive toys nor bothered them for fancy food. Oh.. Father!! I wish we could train up our children in the similar way. Bread and jam was a treat only for the sick. Fruits were only those that our garden would yield. Chocolate was once a month when the monthly provisions were bought. Wow… We were a family so content and happy. God provided all our needs and blessed the labour of our hands. 

This was the rock from which I was hewn. Has material wealth stolen the gift of contentment from me? I need to judge myself daily. Father.. Help me to learn to be content in whatever you have provided for me and where ever you have placed me. Godliness with contentment is a great gain. May I learn to be content and that’s how my joy could become complete for it’s only then I would learn to give thanks to my Father for everything He gives me. I would be excited for every need of my being met and not take it for granted as if it were His commission to do me all the favours He does. I wish to live this life of contentment 🙂 

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