Children as gifts

Even as we are making the announcement of our fourth gift on the way, we are overwhelmed and truly humbled.

We started on this journey of our marriage around 7 years ago and while we were delighted to become parents, we did not really comprehend what it meant to have and care for these children. It was only recently and we are still learning to treasure these gifts as Gifts from our Father in Heaven. 

Jesus had narrated a parable wherein He quoted a Master telling His servants… “Here are your talents / gifts and – Occupy (these gifts) Till I Come” and when He comes He asks them to bring returns for what He had given them. The servants did not possess those talents, they were gifts given by the Master and had to be returned back to the Master with fruits yielding 30, 60 and 100 folds.

These little gifts that the Father has given us are gifts that we do not possess. They are not something that we can boast about. God will one day come and ask us what have we done with them!! We have to give an account of the returns – 30,60 or 100 folds. 😊

This brings fear and reverence to the heart of this mother. My words, actions and deeds which these little tender souls are observing and following, are like bricks being used by them to build a life for themselves. Oh what a calling I have in Christ!! May I be able to say unto them… Follow me as I follow Christ. 

May we earnestly pray for these little ones that they may find their Savior and may the very purpose of God be fulfilled in their lives. 

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