Cherishing my spouse TODAY

It’s so common to see people encourage betrothed couples to spend much time with each other over calls or chat yet once they are married, we often think that ‘everything is over’, they have had enough time with each other and they need no more dates or quality time together. This is so untrue.. Their journey has actually just begun.

This is a very common scenario seen in the Indian Culture yet I like the dialogue in the movie Fireproof that each one of us need to study our spouses daily to grow in love with them. And I believe this growing in love needs to go on until we die and one final day meet the Lord together.

Just last weekend, while we were at bed I was giving my husband a list of do-to’s for the children – how we need to help them more, be good friends to them etc, etc.. He suddenly paused and shocked me by telling – we need to first invest time on ourselves – pay some money and get someone to stay with the children for a few hours now and then, go for dates and cherish time together else tomorrow when they will leave the nest one after the other, we will be like – “we miss them so much and will not even want to look at each other’s face. ” We have enough examples around ourselves today – who did not think about this phase yet we also have enough examples today who are making all the effort to pull all their time together to build a secure future for their marriages.

I love the way my husband enjoys to squeeze his pokky long nose into my affairs. Especially cooking or say it if I even smile at the phone he is like.. What – tell me.. What’s up!! I might show an attitude to him yet I know he cares and wants to be part of my life today. Oh.. We shouldn’t be mistaken.. That tomorrow just falls into our plates. We need to invest time Today to make the Tomorrow follow on. What we sow is what we will reap.

Time.. Is more precious than money..! I know of a few families where in husband wouldn’t mind spending money on his wife to compensate for the time he doesn’t spend with her. No that’s like paying a few rupees to ease your conscience. That’s not right! That’s not love!

Do I make my spouse my first priority after God!!! Do I cherish to spend time with him rather than a close friend. Will I be willing to let go of any award winning event just to spend time with him? Have I left my parents – (emotionally) to cling to him alone. Reminded of the verse.. 
Psalms 45:10-11, Hear, O daughter, consider and incline your ear [to my instruction]: Forget your people and your father’s house; Then the King will desire your beauty; Because He is your Lord, bow down and honor Him.

Whoo.. Sounds so dictating right..! Yet it’s God’s Word and there’s life and wisdom in it. While we also need to remember that God’s Word is not just written. It’s also Written. For a few like me.. This verse is very motivating and encouraging while for the rest of the lot it’s already something being followed not out of compulsion yet out of Love!!! 

If we are unable to love the one we can see, how will we be able to love the God we cannot. It’s easy to show our love to strangers. Trust me it’s very easy – yet to love the one who is with you 24/7 and knows your weaknesses and strengths, it becomes challenging. Yet it’s at our homes our first test comes, our motives are being judged by God and our true self is revealed. 

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