Blessed are those who dare to be DANIEL !!

Out of all the virtues Daniel possessed, I believe the greatest was his humility. I wonder how many times he was tested and tried, and not even at a single incident did he get puffed up. He always remained Humble…ALWAYS !!

Daniel gives the interpretation of the dream to Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2:30. He could have taken the credit for himself as many of us would have done. We would simply say.. ‘My majesty, I have the gift of interpretation of dreams…etc etc’.  Yet that was not what Daniel did. Let’s look at what he says  – He told the king – “But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than anyone else living….” A truly humble man !!

Again we read in verses 48 and 49, when the king rewards Daniel knowing that he accurately narrated the dream and its interpretation , Daniel immediately requests the king to appoint Shadrach, Meshak and Abednego over the affairs of the province of Babylon … and then the Bible says …………………… ‘But Daniel remained in the gate of the king [at the king’s court]‘. He was a humble man indeed !

I am personally very much challenged by his life. I have known of many parents who named their children after the great faith hero ‘Daniel’ and I would always wonder why they were doing so as it was such a common name. ‘I would definitely never name mine’, I would tell this in my heart . Today I need to repent of such a thought. Daniel was truly a humble servant of God.

One of the greatest sign of his true humility was seen in his submission to authority. During his lifetime Daniel served under Nebuchadnezzar, then his son Belshazzar and Darius ( a Media King ) etc, yet we find him blameless in all his ways and moreover he always found  favour from the then reigning King. At the same time, when things would come to the matters of his faith- he never compromised, no not once. He served each and every king with utmost faithfulness, integrity and concern.

During the reign of Belshazzar, when Daniel was called to interpret the meaning of the writing on the wall Mene – Mene – Tekel – Upharsin. The king had ordered to give the person who interpreted the writing – a purple gown, gold chain and being third ruler on the Kingdom. I was thrilled to read the reply that Daniel gives to the King. “Let your gift be for yourself and give your reward to another’.

Wow! what a punch !! He was never after money or honour. I believe and know it for sure that it was this humility that preserved him till the end.

Not just these, he was called by the angel as ‘ O Daniel, you greatly beloved man’. Why did the angel proclaim his name in such a way? I personally believe it was because he was given such an adjective by God the Father Himself. When God in heaven discussed things about Daniel .. what should be done and the visions that should be given to him… …. God would have repeatedly referred to him as ‘ greatly beloved man ‘ …!

That’s why even the angel couldn’t restrain himself and he uses the same phrase that the Father must have used in heaven.

It’s so challenging to meditate on the life of Daniel. His humility dares us to become like Daniel.

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