Bear fruits !

And now …. its been days or say it months since  I have posted anything here in my blog

Yes ! all this while maybe until some 6 months or so ..i had this opinion about myself that i am a special girl so God has to use me … i never realized that so much of pruning was and is required for Him to use me mightily to bear fruits. By the way – to use or not to use is absolutely in His hands. Tomorrow when i see Him face to face, He is not going to ask me ..” what did you do for me ” rather ‘ did you do My will”. His will for my life could be absolutely different from what i perceive is for me. I have come to realize that bearing fruits is directly proportional to bearing witness. You might not be a great preacher or have gifts of healing, this doesn’t matter, ” are u bearing fruits .. fruits that are lasting!!  John 15:8 Herein is my Father glorified , that ye bear much fruits; so shall ye be my disciples.

So bear fruits and do away with all the evil inside of you particularly those evil thoughts. One day everything will be revealed …. will be exposed! What shall we do then ???? We might look very pious today … yes holy holy ..though only on that day  will others know what we were actually made up of. So repent !!!!!!!

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