Be grateful for your family

Value what you have for many do not have it !! Yes, quite often we tend to demean the valuable gifts God has given us may it be our church, family, siblings, friends, etc.

You have peace and harmony at your home? Thank God for that because many children long and desire to have such a home.

You have loving, caring and godly parents….oh value them and respect them as many pray day and night that their parents become such a one.

Your parents encourage you and help you in your walk with God….Ohhh Brother and Sister…you are blessed that’s what I should say. Thank God for that. Many believers struggle day and night in their walk with God being misunderstood by their own family members.

Here as a token of gratitude to my family…a short video during my last trip to Shillong. It was special.God made it …!!! Thank You  FATHER!

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