An Instant Prayer-Reply

No, am not being sarcastic Lord,

yet it is so evident that I need to mention,

Come on, am not angry nor depressed,

You are there with me, and I have no doubt about this.


Weeks of physical ailment and some little serious cause,

made me make a small prayer as this,

Lord – if I am to choose,

Give me external trials than internal physical illness

As in the latter, I wouldn’t be able to spend time with You,

Fellow-shipping would be little tough ( though that’s not true)


And You never waited even another twenty – four hours Lord,

Instantly replied to this short prayer,

There came floods of external storms,

Some hard to cope up by myself,

Felt as if I was about to get drowned.


You always have and this time too

Sent me a word as a forward message from someone

‘That You commanded us to love others

Not to try to please or impress them.’

This spoke to my soul and yes I said

I will try Lord, help me Lord I prayed.


So, my journey goes on…

When will it end Lord I wish to shout,

Then winking up to heaven I smile,

I know the answer Lord.. just wished to blabber something,

Oh Come on…it’s not that difficult

We can handle it (isn’t it Lord ?)

You carry ‘IT’ by Your strength and I will grasp Your robe,

Go ahead quickly Lord and I will follow,


Foolish of me to panic at the approaching storm,

Not knowing Jesus! that You have prepared a pillow besides Yours for me 😉

Come lets rest Lord, it was a tiring day

Come lets rest Lord, it was a tiring day;

Thank You Lord ..!!!

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