Am 26 and I was born on the 11th Dec 2005

Dated: 2015/12/11

If I were to give a Title to this post.. it would be

“Am 26 and I was born on the 11th Dec 2005” !!

I noticed this status on the page of one of my twitter followers and inquired as I did not understand it, and she explained……  I was trilled about the phrase..and here  I am using it !!

Today (tomorrow) is a very special day and yes, I would like to celebrate it. 🙂 Yes, it was on the 11th of DEC that I made a covenant with the Lord..!!

“You are changed jesse” probably a phrase I get to hear many times in a week. Not just you, many tell me so. This year 2015 has been different in one sense. I am now in contact with many old friends, classmates, and teachers. Strange! just this one year, even today I received a call from my SSt (Social Studies) teacher. I was shocked !!

So I am currently in my 5th phase

1st Phase – Birth + KV Laitkor Peak ( 0 to 10th STD )

2nd phase – KV Island Ground ( 1st year was the old Jesse and the

2nd year saw the new Jesse ) { 11th and 12th }

3rd Phase – WCC college – was refreshed, challenged and

encouraged ..seeing the faith of many in there !

4th Phase – MOP College – the testing phase where I was let loose

into the world to be tested if I would stand for my Lord.

5th Phase- Now…..!! The ——————— phase…I don’t know what to name this phase…!!


Each of this phase was used by God to mould me….for sure. I have just attached the pic….am in many groups..and people have prepared collage of the group members…nice it comes handy for this post today.

My journey was from Barabbas – Pharisee – Jesus  ( pressing on )


God met with me at the age of 15 and I obeyed Him in the covenant of Baptism @ 16 just  15 days post  my birthday. I should say that it was from then, my eyes were opened and for the first time in my life I started keeping away from things that I knew was sin… Sin and a sinful life became evident to me..!!

I immediately wrote down a letter and sent it through Victoria to rectify my faults. I turned yet not 180 degree it was a 90 degree turn. This 90 degree turn was sufficient for people to drop their jaws and say…” You Jesse?’” can’t believe !! This stage Barabbas got converted to a Pharisee…what a comparison..probably much true. I had a bucket of water…yet then I couldn’t share my water with anyone as there was a big hole in it and the water would leak out. I did receive my sight yet I could see people as trees. As for me the dirty cup was first cleansed outside …and slightly rinsed inside.

God in His mercy remembered me and did not want to leave me like that and gave me something better and much more than that. This opened my eyes..I could see the Real Father and the real me..!! Oh Grace amazing grace. And that’s how this Pharisee turned another degree one day after another towards Jesus.. !!

This is a life where pleasing God is first and which could mean that many times I had to be ready to displease others.  I did fail sometimes…yet I did press on to do what my Father desired of me.


My Saviour calls me..calls me ‘dear’

Will you be my veiled virgin…will you from now?

And I looked at those trusting eye..

He loves me though He knows I would fail Him many times.


Then I looked at His nail pierced hands,

Oh was stretched towards me,

Though He knew , I would give up,

Give up on Him many times.


How could You love me Lord?

What kind of love is this?

That You see me as I am and

Still choose to not give up on me !!

And still choose to not give up on me !!

And still choose to not give up on me !!

Remember dear friends…what I just shared is real and yes, this life with Jesus standing besides me – is beyond anything and everything. Oh, I am not perfect..far from it..yet am pressing…pressing on…there are new trials coming up each day….many battles have been won, some are yet to…still very close to be won by His grace and strength.. !!

Stop FOR A WHILE  and ask your heart …. if this is all true. God show me the light and He will if you sincerely cry and then you wouldn’t need to ask me any question again…!! You could speak with the Father on your own..!! So it’s 12:04 and’s today !!

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