A very wonderful encounter with Bro. Zac in my dream

It’s still afresh in my mind. And why not? Some of my dreams remain printed in my memory for years together and so I often wonder – why was the dream given to me ?

As I was returning back to Chennai last night. I was seated on the first seat  just behind the driver. And in my dream which was so so so real as if it really had happened – I saw Bro. Zac, Sis. Annie, Bro Vincent and another brother seated on the last seat of the bus. I happened to see them through the rear mirror of the bus and as I stood and turned to confirm it, I was thrilled and excited beyond explanation. Then ( in my dream) I informed Uncle that I was going behind to meet someone. And there I was meeting Bro. Zac Poonen. I noticed Sis Annie  taking a nap and Bro. Zac and Bro. Vincent alone were awake. They were returning back from the Coimbatore Conference.

I  introduced myself as Jesse. Bro. Zac wasn’t able to catch it at the first go and so I had to repeat it. Then immediately he could connect me to the letter I had once written. Though I was very excited and happy, I apologized him for the  things that I had written there as it was an immature letter. I told him that I shouldn’t have mentioned those things. He agreed to it with a gentle nod.

He was like a grandfather speaking to his grand daughter and that was me. That’s exactly how I felt. Then something really strange happened. I had some dirt around my mouth. It was like two particles of bread crumbs sticking around my mouth. And you know what happened? Even as I was busy speaking to him, Bro. Zac stretched out his hand and removed those particles from around my mouth. I was shocked!! I was actually overwhelmed with his humility and care. He was just like a grandfather to me. I have never enjoyed the ‘love and care’ of a grandfather in my life. I felt being loved by my grandfather at that moment.

I began sharing about my uncle to him, even Bro. Vincent was listening to everything. I suddenly made a very bold statement. I told Bro. Zac –  ” Bro. I believe that soon and very soon I will out beat many of the CFC believers in being a follower of Christ. (I don’t know why I said that…anyways definitely through His grace alone that could happen) He couldn’t get my words and so I repeated the statement with a little bit of fear thinking that Bro would say..you shouldn’t be too confident about that. Rather he spoke something else that really surprised me. To my extreme outrageous statement Bro. Zac ( in my dream ) replied – ‘ I KNOW !!!! ‘. My mouth remained open for a while.Then finally I asked Bro. Vincent to take a pic of ours and left the place.


Wasn’t it an overwhelming encounter with Bro. Zac !!! Sometimes dreams are so sweet..!! SWEET DREAMS !!

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