A Prayer of a struggling wife

Dear Father,

I’m so weak & You said it right,

I’m the weaker vessel.

So weak, that I often get heavy laden,

I weep aloud when I get hurt,

I weep silently when I am unheard,

I remain silent when I feel unloved,

I express my feelings so well that

Even the walls of my house could read me.


My husband, Your son

Has his struggles too.

I do not see him weeping yet I see him battling.

He goes in and out of this selfish unloving world,

Keep him safe – keep him protected.

Guard and preserve his righteousness, honesty,

Faithfulness and integrity.

May I find my fullness in You Father and

Never seek my satisfaction from him,

nor derive my existence in him.

( for whenever I have done that I have failed and a loving Father has allowed it)

“Be sweet to your man Jesse”,

A precious advice from a dear friend.

May I be his helper and not hurdle him

In the fulfilment of Your will for him on this Earth.

Oh Lord i am his helper please help me in my commission!!!

Oh Lord help me…this is my cry.

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