A Different Value System

Yes.. it is often misunderstood that believers shouldn’t be adventurous, they should be serene, and their activities limited to being a member in the church choir group. Yet I do not very much agree to this ‘value system’ as we believers can enjoy each and every sport that human beings have invented by the wisdom that they have received from God with the exemption of those sports that doesn’t qualify this commandment – ‘not to test God!’

What does that mean? Paul says that all things may be permissible yet not all things are profitable. Once in a while, it’s fine to enjoy a particular sport when God gives you the opportunity to do so, let it be the trilling sky diving or caving!!! The problem lies only when you use these sports for your ‘self -gratification’. There shouldn’t be anything or anyone in this world that would take control of your passion or will. You should not get addicted to it. You should be able to rule over every passion that you have, every desire, every hobby, every gift.. and yes…everything ……..!

That’s the reason I quite often make it sure to buffet this body of mine…not as the world would do, by piercing it or wounding it. No ..no…not so !! By restricting certain daily permissible things to help this body understand that my joy lies in something much more than the mortal world could give me.

This applies to wives and mothers as well..never to love their husbands or children more than the Creator Himself. Our Creator is not a dictator….come on…He doesn’t come approaching us with a whip saying ..”love me !” He wants us to live the life to the fullest in this world .. ‘yet be fruitful – by doing all things according to the will of the Father…'(John 15:8 and Matt 7:21)

As for me ….. Jesus alone is my Tutor when it comes to riding a scooter, my Instructor while driving a car, my Guide in all other important matters of my life…. and a very close Companion in  the decisions that I make about myself.

He always reminds me that even a step that i take without Him besides me, would only make me land in trouble. He helps me to take up each step of my personal life in the reverential fear of God – my Father..and His Father. Even every word that i use while chatting or sending SMS….He directs me like an ‘English’ and ‘Moral Science Teacher’, making sure i give room to no ungodly statements.( Yes, i should admit that i sometimes slip here or there, quite often maybe …. yet He is faithful enough to pull me back to His side again ..)

Thus He takes care of every molecule of this body.. When He does sooooo much for me …. how selfish it would be on my part, if i begin to choose things for myself .. just to satisfy my desires…and not depend on Him for EVERYTHING.!!!

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