A cry of despair

Oh Lord Jesus,

Forget not that I am mere clay,

Stand by my side that I may not sway,

By wind, floods & fierce storm,

It’s getting hard, my heart cries out to You today.


You have allowed many things in my past,

That I had no control upon,

Present is also the same,

So I lift my eyes to the mountain,

From where my help will come.


No! …. No one sees my tears,

Not a single clue about their number,

Just You have seen it,

And to You the cause is known.

If it was in my control,

I would have done something,

Yet now, I can do nothing,

But cry out with helplessness.


I know not what tomorrow would bring,

Unto You Lord I cling

Leave me not alone in this battle Lord,

Like many have….!!!

You know I need You and so

I call to You….Redeemer Come !!!!

Come soon…!!!!!!

Don’t delay….!!! Please Jesus…!!!!

It’s my desperate cry !!!

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